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Missy McDaniels as known as “The Plug” hails from Largo, Florida, and has become a force to be reckoned with in the Billion Dollar Hair Industry.

The First boutique she opened was in Ft. Lauderdale. It took about eight months to gains the traction necessary to become a successful, popular entity. She began shipping hair to various states, and Missy Hair Boutique became the talk of the town and provided opportunities for partnerships with celebrity hairstylists. The Clearwater boutique was the second location to be opened, eight months later. This location was also a success, thus calling for a third location in Atlanta. December 28 2020 She opened her newest Luxury 10,000sf Boutique located in THE HEART OF Manhattan New York. Making Missy Hair Boutique a very lucrative and successful franchise.

Missy has connections and partnerships with vendors in Brazil, China, and places overseas, thus making her a viable brand both nationally and internationally. There has recently been a demand for additional locations, and Missy Hair Boutique is definitely headed in the right direction for international entrepreneurship.

Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

My first time wearing weave was a few years ago, and it was a horrible experience, to the point a lot of my own hair fell out after taking it out. I was very hesitant about ever trying it again, but I decided to take a chance with Missy’s after getting info from friends. They helped me purchase a lace front, & I ended up returning to invest in a full lace for my birthday as well. I was VERY happy. Great quality, great customer service, they really go out their way to work with you. The Installation was also worth it, I’m very happy with the overall service. I definitely recommend!

Asia Yaya B.